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  • VMG Converter reached 100.000 downloads

    Our message import tool has been downloaded 100,000 times with a rating of 4.30 stars out of 5. We present our most humble Thank You to our customers. Keep importing your Windows Phone message files!

  • ChromeCast initiative

    ChromeCast is a fascinating little device that connects to your TV. Animated Oak has taken the initial steps in developing applications that utilize ChromeCast and its streaming capabilities. Have ideas about ChromeCast? Let us know!

  • Moved to a new office

    Animated Oak is now located in Piispanristi area of city of Kaarina, Finland. The new location is really nice, has good traffic connections and still provides a peaceful environment to let us concentrate on our key mission.

Elegant and efficient quality with control

Being loyal to our apps' true purpose, we believe in keeping it simple. This means snappy experiences with lightning-fast connections to backend servers. No obtrusive advertising or malware.

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VMG Converter

Import VMG message files from Windows Phone to your Android phone.

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Wildfire Map

Wildfires (Forest Fires) and Hot Spots in the world detected by NASA satellites!

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  • Ceiling Fan Sound

    Ceiling fan sounds

    I think this app is cool!

    -- Simon Kissel
  • Coqui Ringtone

    Love it

    Love this app is it so great to hear the coqui is like being in Puerto Rico just keep it coming with new app and the love it love it. Que Viva Puerto Rico love you Puerto Rico

    -- Ashliyannah Santiago
  • FOIL Method Solver


    I am ALWAYS using this for my homework in pre-algebra. Really helped me get an A. Thanks! :)

    -- Carrie Higley
  • Salamat

    Näyttäisi toimivan hyvin

    Selattuani vanhoja sääpäiväkirjojani ukkosten, ja sitä myöten salamoinnin suhteen, ilmestyy salamahavainnot kartalle..Vaikka salamakausi on tällä hetkellä ohi, niin huomasin viime yönä Vehmersalmen suunnalla iskeneen salaman- tosin vain kerran..Eli olen vallan tyytyväinen ostokseeni!

    -- Timi Takamaa
  • VMG Converter

    Best App

    Saved me from Windows phone hook. Worked without any flaw.

    -- Binary GeoTech