About Us

Animated Oak Entertainment Ltd is a software start-up from Kaarina, Finland.
Our mission is to deliver functional five-star software products on today's mobile and web platforms.

Our Workflow

Research & Design

Spending an extensive amount of time reading and listening what people say, new concepts and ideas are discovered, noted and discussed.
Having recognized a certain hunger for a specific solution that addressable by us, the problematics are then analyzed and ultimately a design is created.

Develop & Test

Guided by a detailed design that fullfills the original need, the code production phase begins. During that phase, design adjustments need to be done.
Quality reviews and testing is performed on code level to ensure no quirks sneak in. Test users get to test the product as soon as the big picture reveals itself.

Publish & Maintain

The finished product is published to end-users all around the world or on a specific geographic area depending on the scope of the product.
Customer feedback, crash reports and analytics are monitored carefully and updates are published during the maintaining phase.

Our Way

  • People > Our products are made by people - to people. Actually, people are the key in everything we do. Being open to new ideas, we are always eager to put our years of software experience into good use.
  • Process > We want our customers to participate. That is why our process puts a high value on end-user feedback and we are inspired by our audience. Every piece of software is - not only carefully designed, developed and quality-checked by ourselves prior to release - but also actively maintained with rapid bug fixes and feature updates based on customer feedback.
  • Product > Combining Your feedback with our knowledge, we provide you with a solid product - a product that works and even better: does exactly what it's supposed to.